Artist Introduction, Antonio Borlado

It has always been important to the Edmmond Studios team to learn, discuss and exchange conversation with talented people from different creative backgrounds, from artisans to illustrators, to architects or photographers.

Antonio Rodriguez Borlado studied product design in Madrid. He has a passion for materials and for materializing. His designs become two ways: crafts and industrialization.

He is particularly interested in the production processes and the feelings provoked by materials. His work currently focuses on the future of manufacturing without loosing sight on crafts, trends, and sustainability.

Our relation with objects, their use and presence in our lives, and the changes that new generations and new ways of living bring with them, are some of the issues faced by his work.


Starting right at the beginning, what were you a lot into as kids? It seems like a lot of that stuff can influence what people do later in life.
When I was a child I had a very observant aptitude, and this is a thing that I keep sharing this with me. I hope these pic shows that observant attitude haha.


What are you passionate about?

My biggest passion is music. Listening, playing or producing. Strange as it may sound, the two genres that I'm actually playing and studing are Flamenco and Techno.

What project do you think defines you the most?
Thats a difficult question, because I think that i am looking for my path already, and I think I am finally closer to the path I want to straight on. 
A project wich I feel very near to my character or my approach to design, is one not published ever. It is a review about typical andalusian chair, or flamenco chair. My aim was to copy the silouette of this model, using a open-source construction method, with standard shelving profiles. The result is a contemporary turn to the aesthethics, funtionality and construction that correspond with our actual context. 
Where do you get your inspiration from?
My biggest inspiration are common people, news and graphic design.
What artist(s) have a big influence on you?
One artist I have been working with is Jorge Penadés. I had the pleasure to be in in different projects and co-living in some of them with him, and the rest of the team. I would say he is my biggest influence. During this time since i know him, I had the opportunity to know his approach to this profession, I have met extraordinary people who work with him, and i was introduced to some places and people, that I didn´t have the opportunity in other way. Large talks, big influence.
What is your favourite book?
The Invention of Air, by Steven Johnson. It is an historical approach to Industrial Revolution age in England, based on Joseph Priestley, a prolific scientist and theologian very controversial at that times. 
Tell us a bit about your style.
Well, my style in few words, I think it is somekind of heavy or rude, with a simplicity focus on appearance and process. It is also very prone to winks to jokes, or past references.  
Is there a place/city that inspires you the most?
Everywhere I can see the horizon, gives a huge breath to my mind. 
What’s next for you?
Now I am focused on new ways of production, and thinking about our next future.

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