CATCH ME - High Summer Capsule Collection

We've selected a few garments from our latest High Summer edition in a campaign. We found many matching garments combine a monochromatic look for effortless seasonal dressing, including our seersucker or linen sets, ultra-lightweight garments that offer endless styling options.

LOOK 1: Beza is wearing Over Cardigan in white and Seersucker Classic Swimsuits in navy. LOOK 2: He is wearing Terry Short Sleeve Shirt in color block navy and Classic Colour Swimsuits in navy.

LOOK 3: Beza is wearing Hugo Tee in white, Pocket Vest in yellow and Classic Colour Swimsuits in light blue. LOOK 4: He is wearing The Sun in White and Classic Colour in black.

LOOK 5: Beza is wearing Denim Seersucker Shirts in navy. LOOK 6: He is wearing Seahorse Short Sleeve Shirt in white and Murano Seersucker Pants in Khaki.


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